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Ed M Morris Sommbeer Tuesday Beer Blog Share

By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

 Come here beer and give me a hug!

There are beer blogs, then there is Sommbeer, a blog with a tag that claims: "We don't take beer too seriously". While they claim not to take beer to seriously, it is a seriously good beer site/blog. And I am not just saying that because they share out content on occasion, but because it is a enjoyable site to visit and read their coverage of our industry.

One of the sections of the site I am hoping to see more of, is their DIY content. I am thinking about making my own Beer Cellar, and their DIY post on the subject, was extremely informative. 

Between their coverage of the industry, their own Sommbeer app, and an impressive writing staff, Sommbeer Founder, David Barrett has put together one of the most enjoyable beer related sites out there. Give them a look.


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