Thursday Blog Share - Big World, Small Girl

Big World Small Girl Ed M Morris Thursday Blog Share

By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

I couldn't even fit a six pack in this car!

In this edition of the Thursday Blog Share, I am going to recommend you take a look at Austin based blogger Caitlin's site Big World, Small Girl.

Big World, Small Girl covers all things beer in the Austin, Texas area. She offers tips on where to drink, travel info, interviews, recipes (I tried and loved her recipe for Adult Ice Pops: Cherry Lambic Beer), and reviews. Her photographs are exceptional. 

Caitlin also runs a fantastic Facebook group, Beer + Booze, for those of us who write about beer either on a professional or just for fun basis. 

Overall, Caitlin has a cool blog that is updated often with new content and is always worth your time.


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