Thursday Blog Share - A Dog Walks Into A Bar

A Dog Walks Into A Bar Ed M Morris Thursday Blog Share

By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

"Paws, Pints, and Prose - All Things Dogs & Drinking" Is the tagline for A Dog Walks Into A Bar. If you are into Beer and Dogs, this is the place for you.

While the Blog section leans heavily on Dog and Dog related topics, it is well written and makes for an enjoyable read. I recommend "When Dogs, Beer, and Ice Hockey Combine" , which is a great example of the Blogger's (Bryn and Bill) interest in sports, Dogs, and charitable endeavors.

Bryn and Bill, along with their two dogs, Bean and Yoda, created the site to cover pet ownership and the adult beverage industry. Their mission is to: "We aim to share a variety of posts focusing on dog friendly locations and events, fun adventures, DIY projects, recipes, giveaways and charitable causes.  Their primary goal is "to assist animal rescue organizations and philanthropic causes that help animals and our local community."

I've liked what I read while researching sites for today's blog share. I hope you will too.





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