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By Founder JP Perkins

Hello Beer Knights,

Today I am proud to announce the release of our long awaited Rewards Program.  Although some of you found it while I was Beta Testing it ;-)

So how does this work?

It's simple.  Sign up for an account and you can earn points for doing various actives.  I have of course labeled these points "beers".  These "Beers" can then be used for discounts on Pints Templars Gear or even free product all together.

For a limited time: To help award our longtime supporters you will get 300 Beers just for signing up and 100 for each friend you refer.

You will also begin to see opportunities to earn "beers" for participating in various "Pints Templars Events" like meetups and Free Form Friday....and the ever evolving Knight of the Week.

Below you will find the full details of the new Rewards program as well as the signup links.

Rewards Program

Login or Register to join our customer rewards program.


100 Beers are worth $1
  • Follow us on Twitter and get 100 Beers
  • Refer a friend and get 100 Beers when they join
  • Like our Facebook page and get 100 Beers
  • Get 300 Beers for the New Year!
  • Stay with us until your next birthday and get 500 Beers
  • Accept a friend referral and get 100 Beers
  • Refer a friend and get 500 Beers after their first purchase
  • Spend one dollar (USD) in our store and get 10 Beers
  • Join our reward program and get 300 Beers


What is this?

This is PintsTemplars customer rewards program. This is our way to say thanks for being part of our journey. Our rewards program is designed to let our power customers buy at a discounted price or get free products.

How do I spend my Beers?


Beers can be redeemed directly on during your purchase. The option to redeem your Beers is available on the cart page, just before checkout.

I am not able to find the redemption button.

The redemption is not supported if you are browsing with Safari in private browsing mode on Mac or iOS (including iPhone, iPod & Pad).

When do my Beers expire?

Your Beers have no expiration date. However you will loose every days for inactivity, if you do not get or spend any Beers during this period.

How do I get more Beers?

Please check our list of rules for more information about how to get more Beers.

How do I get Beers for referral?

  1. Send your referral link, available here, to all your friends that might be interested.
  2. Make sure they accept your invitation. Your friend will received an additional 100 Beers when joining with your invitation. You will get 100 Beers when they accept your invitation.
  3. As soon as they make their first purchase with a minimum value of $0.01 you will get 500 Beers.
  4. You will get a % commission (in Beers) purchase they make.

How do I get Beers for liking on Facebook?

  1. Make sure your Facebook account is connected here.
  2. Just like our Facebook page.

You should get your Beers within 5 minutes. Note that un-liking may result in the cancellation of your credit.

How do I get Beers for following on Twitter?

  1. Make sure your Twitter account is connected here.
  2. Just like our Twitter page.

You should get your Beers within 5 minutes. Note that un-following may result in the cancellation of your credit.

How do I get Beers for my birthday?

  1. Make sure your birthday here is correct.
  2. Wait until your birthday.
  3. You will get your credit on your birthday.

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