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By Editor In Chief/Lord of Words Ed M Morris

Your Editor In Chief getting ready to fall into the river to recover a beer

Welcome to the new Pints Templars Blog! In the new blog you can expect to find more posts about Craft Beer, Craft Breweries, Homebrewing, Beer Culture, Beer Gear, Reviews and all new content being posted everyday!

Also History and Beer posts are coming back! Many of our readers have asked for more of these, so we listened and we will have History based posts coming ASAP!

So we are going to endeavor to publish at least one new post Monday to Friday of each week, but not on Saturday (we need a day to do research and field work) or Sunday (our day to recover and write about what we learned on Saturday).

If you are new the the blog, here is info about our team who work so hard to bring you brew news and related content each day:

Dave Fajman

Dave Fajman is a geek. Along with my love of craft beer I'm obsessed with hockey: playing beer leagues and living and dying with my Blackhawks. I may also be a bit obsessed with a series of movies known as Star Wars.
Follow on Twitter: @Chefhockey
And untappd: TacosRgood

Tom Cramer

Tom Cramer first learned about the many different styles of beer while working in Belgium in the mid 90’s. Enjoys writing, guitar playing and grilling – all of which go well with craft beer!

Follow Tom on Twitter and Instagram at 70sKidCramer

Dave Drury

Dave was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and is passionate about two things: traveling and the NIU Huskies. 

Oh yeah, one more thing - he on a mission to find and try as many craft beers as humanly possible. 

You can see what he's up to here: 

Twitter: @DDrury86; 

Untappd: NIUfan86;

Ryan Hieronymus

ABOUT RYAN - Ryan is a 40 Year Homebrewer and craft beer enthusiast. Was moments away from being the Head Brewer for a brewery in Florida, bit the seasoned Brewer who was consulting ended his tenure with his current employer and was a better option for the owner. We were expecting our son around the time they wanted to launch the brewery and we were looking to move closer to family and so we are back in Illinois were I grew up. As a Homebrewer I've collected a few medals for State and National Comps. I am always seeking to try beers and innovative styles/tastes. I also enjoy a good beer and conversation about it's history, creation and the future.

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