Ten Ways To Hide Your Beer

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10 Ways to Hide Your Beer

By Templars Staff Blogger Dave Drury


Have you ever wanted to get drunk in public without having to worry about getting arrested or having to share your booze with others? Well, you’re not alone.


Of course, there’s the fake tampon flask but that’s old news. Instead, I found these 10 products that are the perfect way you enjoy your beer while being totally discrete.



  1. Sunscreen/shampoo bottles - Smuggs Jugs Four Bottle Flask Kit (4-16oz) Smuggle Booze On Cruise Be A Rum Runner


This one is the oldest trick in the book and is perfect for a day on the water. For under $25 you can sneak in four 16-ounce beers in these containers labeled as shampoo, conditioner, body crème, and sunscreen. Not a bad deal.


  1. Sunscreen plus beer cooler  - 

    Hidden Beer Cooler & Fake Sunscreen Liquor Flask Combo Pack Sneak Alcohol - Camouflage Sun Screen Smuggle Hide Booze


Like the previous entry, this comes with a 9-ounce flask labeled as sunscreen but has the added bonus of coming with a “Personal Medical Supplies” cooler that fits a whole 6-pack. All for just $20 right now! 


  1. Ice Packs - 

    Secret Hidden ICE PACK ALCOHOL FLASK to Hide Booze – Holds 36 Ounces (Pack of 3)


If sunscreen isn’t your thing, then perhaps ice is. These flasks come in packs of three and are designed to look like everyday ice packs. But the beauty is that each one can hold a can of beer…nice! And it’s only $16! 


  1. Outdoors collection - 

    Hidden Secret Flask Bundle of Sunscreen Flask, Candy Flask and Bug Spray Flask – Holds Total of 23 Ounces (Set of 3 Flasks)


This $17 collection of flasks holds a total of 23-ounces between three different bottles; a sunscreen bottle (6-ounces), a candy package (five one-ounce bottles) and a bug spray bottle (12-ounces).


  1. Axe/Lynx bottle - Multi-Flasking's Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask


For those of you that like to stay inside and look like you smell nice, there’s this Axe/Lynx can (Axe is called Lynx in the UK) that can hold upwards of eight ounces and costs under $20…$16.99 to be exact. 


  1. Beer Belly 


This one is a winner right here! You wear this pack under your clothes and can casually drink down almost seven beers with no one knowing…that’s right, it holds a whopping 80 ounces of beer!! For just $30 you can fit a whole six-pack on your six-pack and drink the day away. 


  1. Fake Purse 


Men aren’t the only ones that want to drink in public…so someone invented this 28-ounce flask inside a functioning purse. That’s more than a bottle of wine or just over two full beers! All for just $30! Get yours here.


  1. Beer Beard 


This one doesn’t look the most discrete out there but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers. This $12 fake beard hides a beer can/bottle and lets you sip through a straw that’s hidden under the beard. Get yours here.


  1. Snap Lids 


These fake lids/cups attach to a beer can and make it look like you’re simply enjoying your morning coffee…but we’ll all know the truth! It’s super sneaky and only costs $12! Get yours here.


  1. Cola Sleeves 


These sleeves simply slide over your beer cans and come in two sizes so you can enjoy either a 12-ounce can or a 16-ounce can. How simple. A 6-count of 12-ounce can covers will cost you $12 while the 16-ounce covers come in two-packs for $10.


Bonus: Holy Bible 


This one only holds 4-ounces but boy is it a clever hiding spot. Instead of opening the Bible to see the gospel you’re greeted with a flask of whatever booze you choose! It might be blasphemous but, if you’re hiding your alcohol in this…you’ve already got problems. Get yours here.


Any cool products I missed or things you think we should start hiding beer in? Let us know!


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