Templars Library Review Series - BEER IN AMERICA: THE EARLY YEARS: 1587-1840

Ed M Morris Templars Beer Library

By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

Today in the Templars Library we are taking down BEER IN AMERICA: THE EARLY YEARS: 1587-1840 from the shelf and seeing what it has to offer.

The Basics:

Author: Gregg Smith

Brand: Brand: Brewers Publications

ISBN: 0937381659

Number Of Pages: 300

Publisher: Brewers Publications

Details: One of the most important but little-known aspects of early American history was beer's role in the founding of our country and its formative years. The definitive account of beer's impact on people and events that shaped the birth of a nation will astonish readers.

After reading this, it doesn't feel like a 300 page book, it is a quick read (at least for me) and I wish I had waited for warmer weather to review this. This would have been a great "sit by the pool with cold beer" read. I am not saying that it is a simple book. It isn't, but it is not a very detailed but either, but it covers a period of time when America was going through great turmoil and change. This is part of America's history that I have always been interested in and hoped this book would help me learn more. It did to a certain point.

I wish the author's research was a little deeper, because after 1800, it feels like he is skimming just the really important facts, details and events. Everything up to 1800 is well written. It was worth the read just for that.

In period of time that this book covers, beer was considered a healthier option to water, because clean water was difficult to obtain. I wish that was covered a little bit better by the Author, but a quick Google search will provide the details on how poor the water quality was back then.

Is this a great book for the topic it is trying to cover? No, but it is a good enough book to get you started down this particular historical path.

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