Sleeping In The Doghouse: Craft Beer Hotel In The Works

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By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

According to UPI, Scottish based brewery, BrewDog is looking to build a Craft Beer themed hotel near it's new Columbus, Ohio location. BrewDog plans on opening it by September 2018. The name of the hotel: Doghouse.

Image Credit: BrewDog Indiegogo page

BrewDog is using an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the project. As I write this post, they have raised just over $164,000.00 in crowdfunded money, the initial goal was to raise $75,000.00. On of the rewards at the $95.00 donation/baker level is a free night at the hotel when completed. Considering how much lodging costs these days, that is a good deal.

The crowdfunding page also states that they plan on building an all sour beer facility on the same location as the hotel.

BrewDog plans on offering beer infused meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beer recommendations to go with each meal will be provided. 

A few planned features of the hotel:

  • Beer themed rooms
  • IPA filled jacuzzi
  • Shower beer fridge
  • Malted barley massages
  • Hop face masks 

It is a very ambitious project to undertake in a year, but given the company's hospitality experience (they run 49 bars) and logistics knowledge (exporting to 60 counties) there is a very good chance they will meet that September 2018 date.

The Doghouse could just be the Beercation you have been waiting for.

(Editor's Personal Note: I was thinking about going to Disney for the expanded Star Wars section in 2018, but if this is operational at that time, this is where I am going.)


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