Sewage Water Beer?

Dubbed "Toilet to Tap" beer, Stone Brewery in Escondido, unveiled their newest Creation, a beer made entirely from recycled sewage water.  The beer, called "Full Circle Pale", is part of San Diego's, 'Pure Water San Diego,'plan to get a third of the city's water from recycled sources.  

Five barrels of the brew were made for a special event in support of the plan.  Among those to first try the beer was San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer who called the beer "delicious." He went on to tell the Times that the brew was 'fantastic' and added: 'There’s no better way to highlight the purity of this water.'  

Stone Brewing Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation Steve Gonzalez created the beer that uses recycled water, and it ended up being one of his favorites. ABC reports He was skeptical, at first, to brew it with recycled water. Now, however, Gonzalez says, "Among the pale ales that I've made, it's probably in the top three."

While many at the event had their reservations about trying, a beer made from sewage water, overall the reaction to the brew seemed positive. ABC noted beer taster Shane Trussell said, "[I thought] that it would have an off taste or be something different to it … it's outstanding."  The beer is reported to have notes of "caramel" and a "tropical" hoppy aroma. 

Stone hopes to make "Full Circle" available to the public soon.

How about you?  Would you try it?

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