Pumpkin Beer In July?

Ed M Morris Pumpkin Beer

By Editor In CHief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris


It's July, it's still Summer, the Fall season is still a few months away. So why am I seeing pumpkin flavored beer hitting the shelves? Unless I fell into a wormhole and traveled back to Fall 2016, it is too soon to be seeing these seasonal beers on the shelves. 

I was at my local beer shop, last weekend, and I was staring at the shelf where these pumpkin beers had congregated, and I found myself shaking my head a little in disapproval. A tall, bearded fellow walked up and stood next to me and also just looked at them, commented "that's not right, too soon" and walked away. I agree, my giant friend, I wanted to say, but he was gone before I could comment. Part of me wonders if he was real or just my imagination making up someone for me to agree with my assessment of the pumpkin beer looking back at me from the shelf.

Please don't take my concern about early releases of pumpkin beer as a dislike for it, but I think it is too soon for them. Summer is the time for Summer Beer. You know, the beer you enjoy while outside while working the grill or when taking a break doing yard work that no one else in the house will do because "it's too hot" or "I saw a bug out there!". Sorry, went off on a tangent there.

This was spotted in Texas by Templars Founder JP Perkins

Pumpkin beer is great for the Fall when things are cooling off and you are sitting around a fire out back and watching the foliage change color after the game is over on a Sunday. 

When it is time, I will enjoy a pumpkin beer or two, but not now. Hefeweizens are calling to me, at least until it is time to rake up a leaf. Just one leaf, my kid can do the rest while I sit by the fire and supervise.

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  • Ruud on

    Hey Ed,
    Here in the Netherlands Pumpkin Beers are rare, instead of that we have Herfstbok (herfst is Dutch for Fall and Bock is a German beerstyle). If liquor stores and retailers should sell herfstbok in July, I’m pretty sure shit will hits the fan!
    Regards from Holland.

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