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By Editor In Chief/Lord of Words Ed M Morris

In today's issue of the Pints Templars Time Machine, we go back to my very first post for The Templars Blog in the Summer of 2014, which was then called


Beer Service Laws And How One Indiana Bar Is Getting Around Them By Ed Morris for


Indiana laws regarding alcohol service is rather direct: No sales on Sundays or at Gas Stations and if your bar/pub establishment offers alcohol by “the drink” (individual glass) food service must also be offered. So no food, no drink. And must offer soups, hot sandwiches, coffee, milk and soft drinks. Argh, Indiana, what's next? Daylight Savings for only part of the state?


So Bank Street Brewhouse offers you the following menu to stay compliant:


Our Famous Hotdog Sandwich – Cooked in Microwave, with bun and nothing else $10.00

Chef Campbell's Soup Of The Day – Served in Bowl and choice of whatever is on top of stack $10.00

Instant Coffee – Caffeinated Only, black or black $5.00

Powdered Milk – With or Without Water $5.00

Soft Drinks – Different Flavors Market Pricing


So who needs a full service kitchen open all hours of operations when all you need to stay compliant is a microwave, a few coffee mugs and bowls? I salute you Bank Street Brewhouse for your out of the box approach to this.


It is a 67 year old law that should be eliminated or at the very least revised. If this law was in enforced where I am from (NorthEast), most of our VFW's and American Legions would shut down!


Even though they allow their customers access awesome food via nearby food trucks and catered events, and even go so far to list their top picks of eateries for carry out and delivery Johnny Law and the State of Indiana did not consider it compliant.


What prompted Bank Street Brewhouse come to this method of complying with the law? One day a Indiana government agent cited them for serving while the kitchen was closed. The agent was in the Brewhouse, asked for a menu and the bartender honestly informed him that the kitchen was closed. Even though the employee was being honest, the agent cited them. He enforced a law that is so outdated and archaic that even a puritan who arrived on our shores hundreds of years ago would cringe and say “What no ale? Turn the ship around, going home!”.


While beer and good food is always a great pairing, it should not be something that the government should force private establishments to offer and freedom loving Americans to buy!

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