Packing Beer For A Trip

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Packing Beer for a Trip

By Templars Staff Blogger Dave Drury


Everyone here can agree that one of the best parts of traveling is getting to try new beers from places you can’t find at home. But what do you do when there is a beer so good, so amazing that you need to take it home with you to share with others (or not share…it’s your call)?


Well if you’re driving it’s pretty easy to keep it safe but if you’re flying somewhere it could get a little tricky.


A glass bottle could break in transit or a can might burst and spill all that sweet nectar on to your other belongings which really sucks…because then you’ve got wet socks and no beer. So how can you safely get your beer from one place to another?


Luckily there are a few ways that will be successful far more times than not (so far I have yet to lose a single drop of beer on my many flights).


Of course, there’s always the easier option of shelling out some cash and getting one of these beer briefcases. It’s a good option if you can afford as it is reusable and safe but you can only carry six 12-ounce bottles. If you have cans, bombers, or more than six beers (my personal record is 13 beers in my luggage) it’s not all that effective.


Option two is buying travel sleeves for the bottles. These padded sleeves like JetBag or WineSkin can hold a full 750 mL bottle and are reusable as well. But with their inflated size, they take up a lot of room and can be bulky. If you have space this is another really good option though to keep those brews intact.


But let’s say you’re like me. You want to spend all your money on beer itself instead of accessories to get said beer home. What do you do? Well…easy.


First, take each bottle and put it in one of those gallon-sized ziplock bags (for cans, you can easily put two in each bag but don’t do more than that). Seal it shut but you’re not done yet. Editor's note: The Ziploc Gallon Sized Freezer bags (pictured above) work great.


Make sure that there is no way a bottle can touch another bottle because “glass on glass will bite you in the ass”…that’s not a real saying yet but it’s a catchy slogan I just thought of.


To do that I just take each bottle and roll it up into a shirt for extra protection – sweaters work really well here with all that extra padding. I simply roll mine up like a burrito so it looks like a cylinder. That allows for the maximum amount of beers in a small suitcase.


With each beer now protected inside a bag in an article of clothing, it’s time to pack.


First, make sure there is a layer of clothes below (I usually use pants/shorts), then place the beers on top of those towards the middle of the bag and add more padding on top (again I use pants here). Then simply stuff the sides of the suitcase with rolled up shirts and socks and underwear until there is almost no more space and your beers can’t move much if any. The less jostling they do, the better.


From there simply lock your bag and weigh it. If you’re flying don’t forget your bag has to be less than 50 pounds so make sure you didn’t load up on too many beers. And, if you did, just unpack a brew or two and enjoy before your flight…


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