Maplewood Juice Pants 5: License to Juice

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Maplewood Juice Pants 5: License to Juice
By Blogger  Dave Drury

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Maplewood. They’re my favorite Chicago brewery and, to me, are vastly underrated. I’ve been following them since they were Mercenary and only had two beers out: The Charlatan and Fat Pug.

Well today the Logan Square brewery has a lot more than just two brews…including their series Juice Pants, which is now in its fifth variety. Each Juice Pants is (not surprisingly) a juicy IPA that packs a 7% ABV punch but each is made with a different selection of hops.

Like I said, their fifth one – officially named Juice Pants 5: License to Juice – just came out this Friday (July 7, 2017) and features Citra, Mosaic, Mosaic Lupulin Powder, and a pair of New Zealand hops (Wai-Iti and Kohatu). And, naturally, I was quick to shell out the $11.99 for the 22 ounce bomber. However, for this review, I will try to keep my biases in tact.


License to Juice poured a hazy, muted golden hay color with minimal head ever building up. There was never more than a finger of frothy white foam topping the beer and, what little there was, quickly vanished into a cloudy dusting across the top with slight accumulation around the edges of my glass.

On the nose, JP5 was as intended…insanely juicy with enormous orange and tropical fruit notes. This was your classic NE-style IPA. And I couldn’t wait to dive in.

My first sip began with a very light carbonation and a thicker, creamier mouthfeel to it. The flavors didn’t immediately assault my taste buds and, instead, subtly billowed up across my tongue.

Once again it was the orange that was most prevalent but there were other tropical fruits, like pineapple, tangerine, and some light mango and melon that showed up in the taste too.

It was a juice bomb, that much is true…at least initially. Because, on the backend, the malts got a chance to show that they are just as much a part of this beer as the hops. They added some more sweetness and a lightly toasted crackery flavor that competed with the fruits as the sip was coming to an end.

There was some bitterness to JP5 but very little…and it was all at the end. So, with that being said, every sip ended with a slightly orange, slightly hoppy aftertaste that would stick around for a bit. But it was nothing too bad.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised because there was absolutely no dryness to it and the 7% was hidden the entire way through the bottle. The only time I realized there was booze in here was at the very end when I could feel it warming my cheeks and chest at the very end of the bomber.

Overall, Juice Pants 5 was just as juicy and tasty as the others. It doesn’t seem to matter which hops they add…they’ve found a great formula to go off of.

Maplewood has made a name for themselves with these beers…and License to Juice will continue that growing demand. This is another really good, really easy to drink beer from them. JP5 is so juicy and so tasty that, if you’re a fan of NE IPAs (or even if you’re not), you need to search this one, and all subsequent Juice Pants, out…and soon! Because it won’t be around long!

With or without bias, this beer is freaking tasty! 9.25/10

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