Is Big Beer Buying Too Much Craft?

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By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

While the deal is pending state regulatory approval, Heineken-owned Lagunitas Brewing is planning on purchasing 20% of Short's Brewing

Short's is one of Michigan's predominant breweries - claims that teaming up with Lagunitas will help it succeed getting a better share of the craft beer market. The plan on keeping their brand identity intact and use the partnership to shore up its current business.

Is Big Beer getting too much of the Craft Beer industry? We asked the members of the Pints Templars Facebook group, and got the following results:



 Looks like "F**k Big Beer" was the overall feeling amongst our community, followed closely by "it doesn't really bother me" and "Better Constellation than ABI or MC".

 I wasn't surprised by the F**Big Beer votes, ABI and MC have been so active in buying craft breweries this year that this was the response I was expecting. But the Better Constellation than ABI or MC did surprise me, but I got a better understanding once I started reading the comments that come along with the poll:

So it appears that Constellation does not cause immediate damage to the craft breweries that they purchase, and that's a great thing. Maybe the other large beer brands should do the same when they purchase a craft brewer. 

So what did we learn? People don't like Big Beer, in general, buying up craft brewers. And if they do, they like it when Big Beer makes the buy but uses its resources to big grow the craft business and not make impactful changes to the brand they bought.

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