Happy Ground Hog Day


Today is February 2nd.  A day that we gather our friends and family together to announce the end of our new year's resolutions.  A day we toss aside our salads and lemon water.  A day where we say "Honey I don't care how cold it is outside I've got cabin fever and I am lighting up the grill".  I am talking, of course, about Ground Hog day!

Every year, in a tradition dating back to 2017, we set aside this day to celebrate all the wonderful foods that come from one magical animal.  The Hog.So pour yourself a beer, bust out some bacon and join us as we celebrate Ground Hog day.

Here are a couple of great recipes to get you started.


Bacon Wrapped Sausage Rolls


Pigs in Blankets of Bacon

Or for a real treat check out The Beeroness' collection of beer marinated pork

Above all enjoy a silly holiday with good food and good beer.



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