Falling Out Of Love With Craft Beer

Craft Beer Falling Out Of Love With Craft Beer Josh Hall Op-Ed

     By Guest Blogger Josh Hall

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I’m falling out of love with craft beer. That’s a terrible thing for a beer writer and someone that is currently trying to open a brewery to say, but it’s true.  The industry has changed tremendously in the two years I have been writing about it. There used to be a brotherhood, a bond forged over beer.  Brand loyalty is out of control. If you don’t like so and so’s beer you don’t know what you are talking about. You also have owner’s now threating people on social media because they don’t like the beer or brewery. It used to be fun. It used to be interesting.  Now everyone is a critic on the apps out there rating beers badly just because they don’t like them and don’t even mention AbInbev or MillerCoors unless you want a worthless argument about how big beer is ruining craft.

Craft is ruining craft, for me at least. The beer has become boring, monotonous. Everyone is doing the same thing, same styles. For instance, I personally don’t like NE IPA’s, heck I barely like IPA’s in general, but everyone is out there trying to make the cloudiest, unfiltered, hoppiest beer ever. To me, it seems like people (owners and brewers, but not all) forget why they are doing this. It used to be a passion and now it’s just millionaires opening a brewery because it’s the cool thing to do. There is no soul behind it and some of the beer put on the market reflects it.

I am no longer excited for beer releases, I won’t stand in long lines for a beer and I don’t usually go to grand openings anymore. Even beer festivals are old hat. I think some of the beer is to gimmicky, people just throwing whatever they can in the boil and see who will buy it. I guess that’s what you need to do now to separate yourself from the rest and people are buying it, just personally I am not a fan. I guess I’m just a purest.   

Now I say all this, but want you to realize I do think there is still good beer out there. There still are owner’s and brewer’s that care. There are lots of unknown or underrated places putting out good, solid beer styles. I just feel it’s starting to get to few and far between.

I want to just say this is my personal opinion. I’m not looking for arguments to the contrary. It’s something I will have to figure out for myself. I’m sure I will walk into a place one day and say now this is what I have been looking for. I still enjoy beer, I still have local hangouts. I have not lost all hope. I still want you to support your local breweries and make your own opinions. I like this industry; I just want the passion, the commitment and the brotherhood back. Is that too much to ask?

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  • MIke on

    I personally don’t think the styles are the culprit in the craft killing craft. Styles have been around and created for ages. I do agree that money culrupts anything it invades but without it in this market at this time there will be limited growth for those who don’t acquire or save every last penny and with saving every penny its hard to survive personally. We all need a living and with rising cost, money definitely plays its part. There are plenty lookn to cash in on the popularity, but there are some great brewers operating these days and I’ll take a great boring style beer over a bad big beer anyday!I don’t think theres really any correct answer jus opinions on the matter but opinions are what ya asked for I guess … lol. Thats mine !

  • YOurmominawetsuit on

    I’m curious as to who he is specifically talking about in regards to the breweries who are ruining the industry. Whole heartedly agree with what’s written, but it’s a bit generalized. Name names, I guarantee many would agree.

  • HappyB on

    Seriously… monotonous? Statistically there is more variety now then ever before. Styoe amd sub-style…But because there is a slight uptick of breweries brewing a style this new guy doesnt like, he suddenly can’t find any of the other 20,000 varieties on the shelf, and that is all craft beers fault for this. Not his apparent lack of peripheral vision… Are you only getting beer from Wal-Mart? You should really look other places…

  • B on

    I thought craft beer was hip before everyone else, now I think it’s not hip before anyone else. Please tell me I’m hip and by my shirts.

  • Shorn Lord on

    I agree with you brother. I’m so very tired of hearing the pissing and moaning.

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