Call off work. It's International Beer Day

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By Pints Templars Founder JP Perkins

Today we observe International Beer day.  A world wide celebration of the greatest beverage ever invented.  Beer!  

First celebrated in 2008, by just a handful of people, International beer day has grown to encompass thousands of bars/pubs in over 200 cities worldwide.  Beer drinkers, around the planet gather, with friends and family, to raise a glass in salute to the glory that is beer, and the men and women who brew it.  

The official International Beer Day website has these tips for successfully enjoying the holiday:

Drink Good Beer with Good Friends

Beer pairs better with friends.  So grab your drinking crew and head out to the bar or drag them over to your living room for some netflix and chill-ed brews. Or join a group of Beer Enthusiasts on Facebook like the Pints Templars

Find Your Nearest IBD Celebration

A brewery or pub is a great place to start.  Do they serve beer?  Perfect!

Give the Gift of Beer

It’s a well known fact that beer tastes better when someone else buys it for you, so it’s a tradition on International Beer Day to buy beer for your friends! When you present the beer, don’t forget to say the traditional words of beer-giving:

“I bring you the gift of beer.”

By giving the gift of beer to your friends and receiving the gift of beer in return, everyone’s beer becomes much more delicious.

Enjoy Beers From Other Cultures

It’s a big beer world out there full of wondrous new flavors.  Be adventurous, try something new on International Beer Day!  There's more than just IPA's out there people.

Thank Your Brewer, Thank Your Bartender

Thousands of men and women around the world have devoted their lives to providing us with the enormous variety of beers we have available to us and on International Beer Day it’s important to let these people know that we appreciate them. So write a note, leave a tip, make a call, or just say thanks, but make sure your brewers and bartenders know that you love them.


Above all whatever you do have fun, be safe, and always designate a driver.  Happy International beer day Cheers!

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