Best Ways to Bar Hop and Find the Best Brews

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By Templars Founder JP Perkins

With so many microbreweries producing lager, IPA, stout, and more, there are more flavors than ever in the world of beer. You need to find the best brews so you can enjoy the flavors of the city you live in (or are visiting). Here’s a quick guide to get the most out of your next bar hop.

Get a Designated Driver

If you’re going to bar hop, do so responsibly. According to Abels and Annes, P.C. , 1/3 of drivers between ages 25 to 34 who died in traffic accidents were intoxicated. You can get a friend to be the designated driver of your group or you can set up an Uber to take you from place to place so everyone can partake. Some cities have bar hopping buses designed to help you taste the best brews. Depending on the area, you may also be able to walk from place to place.

Map Out the Bars

Figure out where you want to go because there’s no point in wandering around. When you’re going to bar hop, find out what bars have the best brews on tap and have a good variety. A good bar hop will consist of three to five bars. Less than that and you don’t get a chance to taste much. More than that and you will forget what the first few places offered.

Each bar on your map should have some different beers. If you need to, call, or visit their website to find out what they have on tap before you add them to the map. A good beer or local community can also recommend great places to try if you’re new to the area.

Ask for a Tasting or Flight

Asking for a pint is no way to bar hop if you want to find the best brews. You’ll be buzzing before you get to the second or third place. Instead, ask for a tasting or a custom flight so you can taste some of the best beers each place has to offer.

Many bars that specialize in microbrews and local brews will offer a 4-ounce tasting. This will allow you to get a good sense of the flavors.

Take Notes

You don’t need to be a nerd about it, but take some notes about some of the brews you’re tasting. This can be done on a menu that the bar provides you about the brews, or done in the notes section of your smartphone.  

Make note of what you like and don’t like – and why. This will ensure you know what you would want to get again as well as which ones not to bother tasting again. Some brews will go better with certain foods, which is why you should talk about the flavor profiles a bit in your notes. Getting to be a true beer guru is all about the experience. Use these tips as you get more flavors under your belt.


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