Beer & Wood: The Simple Bottle Opener/Plus Dumb Beer Product Of The Week

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By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

The Editor's reaction when told he couldn't drink beer in the park

So I have been working on small wood working projects that relate to beer in some way lately. And from those projects I have some left over supplies (scrap wood, nails, screws and magnets), and was trying to find something to do with them.

I received for Father's Day Nick Offerman's (NBC's Parks and Rec, and woodworker) book, Good Clean Fun. In it is a project for making a simple wooden bottle opener. They also sell them in the Offerman Work Shop site for 33 bucks, and as much as I like Nick, I wanted to make my own. 

I also wanted to do something similar but different than the plans for project called for in the book. I wanted to add the magnets I already had to catch the cap (so I can reuse the caps for my Kid's Fallout 4 Halloween costume) and have a more curved handle.

As always, I found what I was looking for on YouTube. On the MOD YouTube channel, they have a video on how to make simple, but effective bottle opener, using scrap wood, a common nail and magnets. Built using just hand tools! Perfect. Here is the video, in case you wanted to give it a try:

Looks like an easy, less than an hour project for anyone with basic tools can do. I will be working on mine shortly and when it is done I will post it up here.

And here is the Dumb Beer Related Product of the week:

This "Six Pack Holder" I found at WalMart is so cheaply made I wouldn't trust it to hold six cans of Bud Light. Besides, I like bottles and I can imagine how comfortable it would be having bottle caps digging into my gut...

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