Beer Of The Month Clubs - A Tale Of Two Clubs

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By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

There are many "Beer of the Month Clubs" out there. It's a nice gift for the craft beer enthusiast, or for yourself if you want the convenience of having beer delivered to your door. 

In this post we are going to cover Cost, Shipping, Customization Options, Selection and Legal Requirements for two of the clubs I thought looked promising while doing research.

Craft Beer Club

Cost: $42 for 12 beers per month (12 oz. beers, 4 different styles,3 beers each) plus a newsletter covering the info behind the beer in the month's shipment. Also included are some bonus gifts of magazines, bottle openers, and coasters. Can be given as a gift.

Shipping: Free shipping within contiguous US.

Customization Options: Some, you can specify a type of beer you don't want and if that is the beer of the month, then they will skip shipping to you that month and resume the following month. Also if you only want bottles and not cans, you can request that as well.

Selection: Solely Craft Beer, a complete listing of breweries can be found here

Legal Requirements: An adult over the age of 21 must sign for the order upon delivery. 

Note: Easy to navigate website, and focused just on their offering of craft beer.

Beer of the Month Club

Cost: Multiple membership types are available, the US Mircobrewed membership is $27.95 which includes twelve, 12 oz. beers, four styles from two different U.S. Microbreweries, 3 bottles of each style and  is the least expensive, and the Rare Beer Club offers two different limited-release, celebratory, artisanal beers each month in 750 ml bottles from two different breweries both US and Imports and is the most expensive at $70.95. Members receive a free Bartender's bottle opener after 3 shipments. You also receive a newsletter which provides information about the beer in your current shipment.

Shipping: Dependent on the membership you select. The Microbrewed membership costs $15.00 a month to ship. They ship to all states except Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alaska, Hawaii and Utah.

Customization Options: No, but they do accept requests. 

Selection: Visit here for a complete listing. This month (August 2017) is a selection of beers from Spencer Brewery and Fish Brewery. They also offer a calendar of past offerings. 

Legal Requirements: Someone over 21 years of age will need to sign for a beer shipment. An ID may be required by the carrier.

Note: They seem to have other connected "Of The Month Clubs" of wine, cheese, candy, flowers, and cigars that kind of muddy the waters a bit while browsing the site. 

Out of the two, I like Craft Beer Club over Beer of the Month Club. Craft Beer Club's clean site and just one level of membership is more to my liking over Beer of the Month Club's multiple memberships and multiple line offering other than craft beer. 

Editorial note: Neither Craft Beer Club not Beer of the Month Club offered any compensation or incentive to me or anyone on Staff for this post.

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