Beer Delivery Services - Worth It?

Beer Delivery Services Ed M Morris

By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Words Ed M Morris

Beer delivery? I can go online and order a pizza or Chinese food where I live and it is at my home in 20-30 minutes, 2 days for something from Amazon. But I never considered ordering beer online and having it delivered to my door. I am lucky that my small town in New Jersey has 4 Liquor Stores in it, and between them, I can find pretty much anything I want. But if I can't can't find what I want, I could try an online beer delivery service.

So who delivers beer? I didn't know, so I did some research and here is what I found:

1. Craft Shack -  $35.00 minimum order, they offer a decent selection of craft beer (given the name I would be disappointed if they didn't), cases, cans, or bombers appear to be what they offer the craft beer in, have to be 21 to order and someone 21 needs to receive the order. I did a test order and selected a case of Alaskan Amber for $54.49, and the price included shipping. So to see what it was like to order smaller sized packaging, I ordered 3, 4 packs of Founder's Doom at $15.99 each (total of $47.97 so I could meet the $35.00 order minimum), and to ship that would be an additional $31.99, So to get Founders Doom, it would cost me $70+ dollars. Doom isn't that rare, so not worth it.

2. The Beer Connect - This looked promising, but after browsing the selections and getting ready to create a test order, turns out they do not deliver to New Jersey. A nice selection of beer though.

3. Drizly - This looks promising. A clean and easy to navigate site and will ship to New Jersey. Let's see what beers they offer in the ever popular IPA category: Stone, Dogfish Head, Founders, plus a bunch of Big Beer Owned craft beers. No minimum order requirement. So I created a test order for 6 12 ounce bottles. The cost for the beer itself was $9.99, but shipping came to $19.99, plus $2.10 in taxes. So to get my order, it would cost, in total: $32.08 for a $9.99 six pack of craft beer. Not worth it.

4. My Cousin Mark - "Going to Kane Brewery this weekend, want some?" No this is not a real beer delivery service. But this might be the best and most cost-efficient way of getting that beer that is not offered locally. A friend or relative who is going by a brewery or store that has what you are looking for, and doesn't mind picking you up some and dropping it off. Cost: Share some beer and/or BBQ with them. Worth it.

So in the end, unless one of these online beer delivery services has something you just have to have in your fridge, it doesn't appear that it is worth it. And Mark, I could really go for some Kane Single Fin...

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