Atlanta Braves Serve Up A Beer Brewed With Baseball Bats

Atlanta Braves Beer & Baseball JP JP Perkins

By Pints Templars Founder JP Perkins


When the Atlanta Braves finally open their new home, SunTrust Park, on this coming Friday they will be greeted with a new specialty beer brewed from baseball bats.  Yes you heard that right.  To welcome the team to it's new stadium Terrapin Beer Company, based in Athens, Georgia, has created this beer that uses Mizuno baseball bats as part of the process.  The beer is a lighter version of it's Hopsecutioner IPA that they have affectionately named Chopsecutioner after the Braves infamous "Tomahawk Chop".

CBS Sports sat down with head brewer Brian “Spike” Buckowski who explained the process:

"You can actually age something on wood chips or spirals or honeycombs,” said Buckowski. “You can also age beer in bourbon barrels, wine barrels and extract beers like that.”

“We brew the Chopsecutioner and after the fermentation we transfer the beer onto the wood chips and then cool the beer down and age it. There’s some waste from bats from when they spin them down or carve them down and that’s the product that we use to age the beer. The wood chips from them making the bats and that’s what we use.” 

The beer will only be available on tap at the Ballpark itself with no reported plans for expansion.

As we have pointed out before Baseball and Craft Beer appear to be a match made in heaven.  MLB seems to be embracing craft beer as a natural fit for it's fans and culture and fans are responding positively as the number of partnerships between teams and breweries grows.  We would love to see this trend continue because whats better than kicking back with a beer and watching a baseball game?  Kicking back with a good beer and watching a good baseball game.

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