Are Board Games The hottest new trend in Craft Beer?

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By Pints Templars Founder JP Perkins

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Ah! Board Games.  That staple of an 80's/90's childhood.  As far back as I can remember my family held weekly board game extravaganzas.  Every Sunday Afternoon we would gather around the dining room table, pizza and root beer at the ready, waiting in anticipation for the games to begin.  Friends and family would arrive, drinks and strategies in hand, each searching for glory, like champions descending on the arena of battle.  We played well into the night, struggling against one another, in epic contests that sometimes lasted days.  Those were the golden years.

Now after a long sabbatical, lost in the wilderness of console games and Netflix binging, slowly but steadily, board games have been making a comeback.   This time with a new companion at it's side...Craft Beer.

No one is quite sure when it happened.  Maybe people got tired of talking about politics over a beer, maybe we got tired of surfing social media at social gatherings, maybe it was just a way to pass the time with friends while waiting in insanely long bottle release lines.  Or possibly it's been there waiting all along.  Regardless board games and craft beer is definitely "a thing". 

I first started noticing them pop up when I toured local breweries here in Austin.  People playing "Cards Against Humanity" or "Magic the Gathering" as they lounged at the local brewery.  My local homebrewing club starting a monthly "Brew and Game" night.  Even people spreading out full editions of "Catan" on the table a the local beer garden.

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Now almost every brewery I frequent has a shelf stacked with board games or holds a "game night".  Polls of various beer groups show growing interest in events featuring game and beer nights.  The concept has gotten so popular, in fact, that full "gaming bars', like Vigilante Bar here in Austin, are starting to open all across the country.

Beer and Board Games seem to be a natural fit.  in today's world of instant gratification. Both quality beer and board games bring people together to bring a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment that can only come from the slow passage of time.  Each seems to enhance the experience of the other and bring people together in ways other things can't.

Image Credit: Bruce DeShetier II

If this trend continues I am sure we can see more "gaming bars", game nights, and possibly even gaming teams/leagues, sprouting up everywhere.  I for one look forward to getting back in the game.



PS....Pints Templar Board Game League anyone?

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