American Mild Month

American Mild Month Ed M Morris

By Editor In Chief/Lord Of Word Ed M Morris

May is American Mild Month. What is American Mild Month? According to their website,

American Mild Month is all about encouraging American breweries to brew and have available during May one of the following beer styles:

About the Month as a project: "The project is called American Mild Month because we want to encourage brewers and drinkers in the US to brew and drink mild ale, but it could also be read as a project to create a new beer style, the 'American Mild'."

What is a Mild beer? - "Mild is traditionally an English style of beer, and back in the mists of time, 'mild' simply meant that the beer in your glass was young, yet to be ravaged by the onset of age and to become 'old'. These days though, 'mild' generally means a low alcohol beer that is generally dark and very much on the malty side, though pale versions do exist in the UK."

American Mild Month already has a sizable list of breweries participating and is looking to get more on board. 

    This sounds like a fascinating time to develop a new beer style. It could create a new brand for existing American brewers, or give a new brewery a spotlight beer to launch with.

    For more information, please visit the American Mild Beer Website or their Facebook page.

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